“Working For The City” Teaser

Looks like a whole bunch of local guys showing up in this one. Featuring Brandon Larson, Cody Beiersdorf, Dan Liedahl, Danimals, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Michilot, Bliktor Dimco, Blake Rhodes-Reid, Bruce Bruce, Fronius and probably more. Edited by Jon Stark and John Cywinski. Actually getting pretty excited for this one.

House of 1817 Goes Hood

Yet again we have more footage from Mt. Hood. House of 1817 along with everyone else who knows how to spend a summer hit up Mt. Hood to shred. Jon Stark through together an edit of the riders including Brandon Larson, Danimals, Jake Olson-Elm, Jonas Michilot and Ryan Paul.

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Jonas Michilot Kills it on a Black Snow

If you snowboarded a long time ago, you know exactly what a Black Snow Snowboard was.   For all of the young kids out there, I will explain it a little bit.  Black Snow Snowboards were the kind of boards that you were scared to ride because they were so cheaply made.  They first made their debut in the early 80’s but weren’t allowed at many ski resorts because of their lack of metal edges.  The Canadian Ski Museum website has a little more info about them.  Anyways, enough with the history lesson and on with the video.  The video features Jonas Michilot tearing up Hyland on one of these safety hazard Black Snow boards…  This video will make you rethink buying the latest and greatest snowboard every year.  Watch the video by clicking the “read more” link below or the picture above.

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Hyland Slo-Mo Video by Will Bateman

Recently Will Bateman has been spending some time in Minnesota and here is a video part from his adventures.  The video was shot at Hyland Ski Area and features some fun riding from Jonas Michilot, Will Bateman, and Ricky Tucker.  It’s kind of interesting to watch the tricks in slow motion.  Watch the video here by clicking the “read more” link below.

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