A little Video Called Trollhaugentage

We caught wind of this new video edit from Brett Spurr featuring tons of great riding.  We checked it out and sure enough Ethan Deiss, Jordan Daniels, Cole Linzmeyer, and Jeffy put on quite the show at Trollhaugen.  There isn’t too much more to be said than that, it’s Minnesota riding at its best.  Check it out yourself.

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Monday Minute Mayhem

House of 1817 is at it again with a sick Monday Minute edit.  This is another edit from everybody’s favorite shred park, Hyland. There are hammers galore from riders such as Jeffy, Jake OE, Jordan Michilot, DAnimals, and Ryan Paul!  This is the kind of video that truly makes you want to go out and ride right away.  Check out the video here by clicking the “read more” link below.

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