Colton Maddy is Better Than You with a Kmart Board

Last year Jambox Shred Gear released a video of Colton Maddy shredding on a cheap board from Kmart. The video blew our minds and made us realize that gear isn’t everything. This year, Colton and Jambox are back at it and if you liked the last video you’ll want to make love to this one. Once again, if you hear somebody complain about their gear, show them this video.

Jambox Trash Edit #5 from Crew Fest

Jambox Shred Gear has been doing the Trash Edit series for a while. The concept is simple, film an edit using subpar recording devices, then see how good of an edit can be produced. We have always been impressed what they come up with, and this short recap of the Crew Fest weekend is no exception.