Trollhaugen Early Season Edits are Flowing

Trollhaugen has been putting in some serious work during the early-season this year. They are even opening their full snowboard park tomorrow when most people just have a few features out. This amount of effort has been attracting a lot of good riders to the area. Check out these two edits, one from House of 1817 and the other from Hunter Gulan that both will get you pumped for the season.

You Must Watch Haunted Hyland

If you only watch one video on our site all year, this is the one. House of 1817 released a short movie titled Haunted Hyland on Halloween and it is full of bangers. There are so many pro and local riders that we can’t list them all. Get stoked on the video and then let us know what you favorite part was. We were really digging Cody’s incredibly smooth style.