Cody Beiersdorf in Poachers X

After watching Ryan Paul’s Full part from Poachers X, I hope you went out and picked up a copy of the full movie. If not, we now have one more reason for you to spend your hard-earned (or not) cash on the latest Bald E-Gal film. This time you will be enticed by the riding of Cody Beiersdorf in his full part. Sadly we can’t embed this video, so hop on over to Transworld to check it out. Oh yea, and go buy a copy of Poachers X to support Minnesota Snowboarding!

The House of 1817 Movie

The House of 1817 just premiered their new movie this past Friday and now they’ve posted it for all of us to see. Over at the House of 1817 they like to do things just for the hell of it and this was no different. There are no sponsors and no perks behind this film just the joy of hanging with friends, boarding and doing what whatever they want. We’ve got to give credit to the ones involved to making this happen: Austin Young, Chris Bradshaw, Cody Beiersdorf, Ethan Deiss, Jake Olson-Elm, Joe Sexton, John Hodge, Justin Fronius, Keegan Valaika, Zach Snow not to mention the ones I’m sure we have missed.

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Monday Minute – Granite Peak

The House of 1817 has a guest edit this week that was shot at Granite Peak in Wisconsin. Granite Peak made a few mistakes earlier this year, but their park is still one of the best around. Make sure to head out there this season if you get a chance. This video edit is produced by Sam Fenton who you might know from Bald E-Gal Productions. Riders Ethan Deiss, Cody Beiersdorf, and several others throw down pretty good in this one. Check it out by clicking the “read more” link below.

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House of 1817 Movie Teaser


Well you may have already seen it on their blog or on Transworld’s Site, but the boys at the House of 1817 have decided to make a movie.  This is set to be a must watch flick with tons of local Minnesota riders.  House of 1817 has mentioned that, “this movie is just for us to make a movie. no budget, NO sponsors, just homeys, to prove it can be done, well. Half the kids in that promo aren’t even sponsored.”  For now, check out the teaser by clicking the “read more” link below.

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