Thanks for the Ride

Ten years ago we started rideMinnesota to help grow the Minnesota riding community. It was never meant to make money, but to be a platform for local riders to gain credibility. I’m proud to say we succeeded in helping jump-start several careers and also keeping people informed about local riding news.

Over the last couples years, personal priorities have taken precedence over rideMinnesota and for that I apologize. I kept telling myself that I would have time to update the site, but the reality is I don’t at this time. It is a hard decision, but I think now is the time to put the site to rest.

I would like to personally thank anybody that supported the site throughout its 10 years of existence. It has been an incredible ride and I hope it made an impact in the community.

See you on the slopes.

P.S. We are keeping around all of the past content, just in case you ever want to travel back in time.