Brennen Swanson and Todd Kirby Session Hard at Afton

Afton Alps has really increased their park efforts this year and we have seen it on some video edits. This time a couple of locals who usually live in far away places decided to throw down at Afton and sprinkle in a little Hyland footage as a treat. Watch as Brennen Swanson and Todd Kirby tear up their home slopes.

Jambox Gets Groovy at Giants Ridge

The Jambox crew has been making tons of fun edits the last couple years. This time they set their path to Giants Ridge to check out the park improvements. As you can see, the park crew at Giants Ridge has really stepped things up this year. There is still plenty of time this season to get up and check it out yourself.

Working for the City 2 is a Masterpiece

The original Working for the City blew us away when it was released. It was better than most of the big name production snowboard films and featured tons of Minnesota riders. Well, this sequel definitely lives up to the standards set by the original. Watch as Jesse Paul, Colin Wilson, Cole Linzmeyer, and others destroy street spots that you may recognize.

Think Twice is Full of Minnesota Snowboarding

A lot of videos that we get only have footage from 1 or maybe 2 resorts. This video edit by Jack Haren from last season called Think Twice has a large amount of variety. It’s nice seeing some places that don’t get as much media coverage. Watch as Jack Haren, Conor Rose, Bill Adams and others shred around Minnesota.