Shredvolution 001

Shredvolution Video

Phun Promotions just came out with their first episode of Shredvolution. This video takes you on a tour of the Monter Energy and Alliance Wakeboard Triple Crown, stouts some winching by the Shredvolution crew, includes the ever so important crash section and even gives you a few instructional tips you can put to use yourself. So check out the video by clicking the link below or on Phun Promotions Vimeo page.

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House of 1817 Interview – YoBeat

As you already know, House of 1817 has had quite the year so far.  The Monday Minute series they put out has gained a large following due to it’s fun attitude and hammers.  Riley Erickson is the mastermind behind the filming and the website for House of 1817.  Recently interview Riley to get a few more details about House of 1817 and the upcoming video release this fall.  You can read the full interview here by clicking the link below or head over to YoBeat to check out the original.

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Zumiez Best Foot Foward Videos

Last Friday the Zumiez Best Foot Foward contest series paid a visit to Minnesota. Not only was the Maplewood Mall location a scheduled stop, they also hosted the final for the nationwide tour there as well. The Minnesota final went off with great riding from all the skaters but Alec Majerus walked away with first place and you will see why in the video. The other skaters were close behind with Dan Coe in 2nd and Cody Davis in 3rd. It’s hard not to mention Dalton Oklesson’s name also due to some of the very creative tricks he was throwing. After the Minnesota Final finished it was on to the National Best Foot Foward Final where Rochester Local Alec Majerus ended up taking 3rd place! Congrats to Alec and thanks Zumiez for putting on a great series! Check out the videos from both finals by clicking the link below.

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The Youth Shelter Supply G.P.T.

Back on the 20th of June The Youth Shelter Supply brought their G.P.T. Skate Sessions to the skate park in Royalton, MN. Not only did the skaters come out to play but so did Bald E-Gal Productions. As always they put their skills to good use and threw together a great video documenting the festivities. Check it out by clicking below.

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